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Welcome to Qatar Bowling Federations, kids’ site – Homepage for Qatari kids playing bowling.

Bowling is not only for adults but for kids as well. In fact, here at Qatar Bowling Federation, we believe that youngsters to develop an interest with the sport at a young age should be encouraged and trained early on the sport. We believe that by doing this, we are creating more professional bowlers that could be the next in line to be our country’s champions. This is why, we developed this subpage.

Here, you’ll bear witness of the kids who want to become top players in bowling. They are aged 9 to 16 years who was already handpicked by the coach due to their talents. Maximum number of players in this group is 20. Any Qatari kid (no older then 16) can come and join. We have a Public Group opened anytime for any kids within the given age bracket. While the A-Group could practice 4 days a week, the Public Group is given the remaining 3 days for practice.

Who Are our A-Group Members?


Ahmed Al-Mohamadi
Team Captain
14 year

Abdulla Al-Thani
13 year

 Abdul Rahman Al-Mohannadi
13 year

Ali Al-Mohannadi
16 year

Fahad Al-Mulla
13 year

Hassan Al-Mulla
14 year

Ibrahim Al-Hassan
14 year

Yousef Al-Sulaiti
14 year

Omar Faleh Ali
9 Year
Abdul Aziz Lari
13 Year

Saoud Al-Kuwari
16 Year

Saoud Al-Remaini
15 Year

  Abdulaziz Al-Janahi
12 Year

These kids will join the incoming training camp in Sweden in November 27!

Average in practice games from June 1 to August 1 yielded the scores below:
No Name Total Games Average
1 251 Hassan Mohammed Al-Mulla 5789 38 152.34
2 210 Ali Al-Mohannadi 5678 38 149.42
3 180 Ibrahim Abdul Rahman Hassan 5634 38 148.26
4 241 Saoud Jassim Al-Kuwari 5439 38 143.13
5 239 Ahmad Abdulaziz Al-Mohamadi 4832 34 142.12
6 253 Abdul Rahman Al-Mohannadi 5022 38 132.16
7 249 Fahad Ahmed Al-Mulla 4782 38 125.84
8 254 Abdulla Khalid Al-Thani 4742 38 124.79

For more inquiries in how to join your family members, contact us at