Thailand’s kritchavart won the 4th Qatar International Open Championship Title by defeating Qatar’s Saeed Al Hajeri in straight games.

In the best of three finals, Kritch played brilliantly giving no chance to his opponent.
Saeed also looked promising in the beginning but no one could stop the Thai from bringing Strikes.
Earlier that day Last year’s defending Champion Tim Mack lost his game towards Kimo of Finland and gained the 4th position whereas Kimo won the third.
Linda Haglund of Sweden won the ladies title by defeating Chato Tan of Philippines. Nadia Akeel and Kristien Penny were 3rd and 4th respectively.

Welcome to the OFFICIAL site of Qatar Bowling Federation – Home of the best and the brightest professional bowlers in the country, and in the world.

Qatar is the leading producer of professional bowlers in the world! Throughout the years, through the combined effort of the government in providing the most high end facilities and training room for the athletes, and the athletes for giving it their all, we have time and time again never failed in bringing home recognitions and medals to celebrate our unmatched skills in the field of bowling.

The international scene had witnessed and respected how far we have gone in displaying our best. We bagged every possible international title to boot. We’ve shown our prowess and proved that we are unbeatable. The secret? Religious training and intense discipline from our dedicated athletes.

Qatar Bowling Federation has also started from scratch. With the very first alleys built several feet short due to the lack of space behind a weathered proof garage door at the back of an old factory, we endured and never saw it as a setback. In fact, our athletes even considered it a hurdle to be crossed to catapult themselves and the country into a much better place in the international bowling scene.

And they managed, and put Qatar in map in terms of having the best and the finest professional bowlers in the world.

These first athletes also became the sturdy foundation of this organization. They helped outsource funds from the government and private institutions to create a better environment for all aspiring bowlers in the country. They set the standards for the bowling scene in Qatar.

To date, Qatar Bowling Federation has under its wings more than 40 bowlers who are in training to conquer international bowling tournaments. These individuals are of all ages, training as young as 5 years old to be already competitive in the sport. Included in the above statistics are the Qatar’s national pool in bowling, and the training pool picked personally by our great coaches due to their skill levels.


To say that age doesn’t matter in training to be the best bowler is an understatement. People of all ages, young and old, have proven as much.

For Qatar, the youngest bowler is Ghanim. He is only 5 years of age and he loves bowling more than anything. His talents impressed even the president, President Salman Abdul Ghani when saw him playing down the lanes during the 4th Qatar International. When he was called by the latter, he shocked the president by showcasing his extreme interest in the sport as young as 5. That was the beginning, Ghanim had a chance to bowl the opening shot for the Arab Cup 2003.